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Looking for investments to scale your impact? Meet SEER

Looking for investments to scale your impact? Meet SEER

Australian investors have an increasingly strong appetite for investments that scale their investment returns and have positive impact within the industries they operate.

Investors may be actively seeking out the growing number of options for funds that offer an added advantage to gain exposure

Responsible Investment Association Australia reveals that $6 billion of capital is now being put to work to deliver better financial returns for investors. These investments also benefit the environment and impact the lives of tens of thousands of people including improved employment pathways, education and health services.

Common themes for responsible investments include avoiding investing in companies that contribute to climate change, that sell addictive substances like gambling and tobacco or that pay overseas workers wages that are below the poverty line.

Alice LeMessurier is the executive director and head of investments for leading funds management group, SEER Asset Management.

LeMessurier explains that the company has created the Seer Mega Trends fund, which will invest in internationally listed companies embracing change and making a positive impact arising from these trends.

Responsible investing presents new investment opportunities that weren’t available to investors a decade ago, by focusing on companies that are not just trying to do “good” but striving to do better, she says.

Investors want investment funds that apply strong governance policies and procedures, that understand strong quantitative research and evaluate quality companies, she adds.

“We recognise that investors want to channel their investments into projects that bring about positive change,” LeMessurier says.

“SEER is combining traditional investment measures around financial performance with new principles focused on responsible investing. We’re a diversified funds management group specialising in global equities, the 6 Mega Trends and sustainable investment strategies. Put simply, we guide investors through the often complex process of investing in a sustainable way.

“Some investors expect to be integrated into the process and want more than just a financial return on their investment. They’re seeking a responsible return that offers better environmental, social and ethical outcomes along with an investment that has focused on the 6 megatrends that will change the world through science, technology and innovation,” LeMessurier says.

“These savvy investors understand that there are megatrends shaping our future, and they don’t invest without all the facts. They want greater accessibility, transparency and accountability than ever before. They want to be part of something that has a positive impact on our economy and environment,” she says.

SEER Asset Management has explored the megatrends that we believe will critically shape the future of Socially Responsible Investment to help you make better decisions. You can download our ebook, 6 Megatrends Shaping Australia’s Sustainable Investment Market here.